Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner Review

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There are tons of window air conditioners you can find on the market currently. There all have their own set of features and benefits that make them amazing. The Frigidaire 5,000 BTU Mini Air Conditioner is a great option for anyone’s home because it has a long list of great features you really can’t find in other models.

Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner

This window air conditioner has a BTU of 5,000 which allows it to cool rooms up to 150 sq. ft. Another important feature of the Frigidaire FRA052XT7 is that there is a 2 way air direction control element to the machine. This allows you to cool every angle of the room the air conditioner is placed inside of.

Another great feature of this window air conditioner is that it has an anti-bacterial mesh filter type that is super easy to slide out and change as needed. Other features of the Frigidaire FRA052XT7i air conditioner include its super compact design that allows the air conditioner to be very quiet.

It also features a dehumidifier that can remove up to .8 pints per hour. The Frigidaire FRA052XT7 is super easy to use because of its rotary controls that take in consideration that cool speed and the fan speed.

If you are looking for a great window air conditioner, the Frigidaire FRA052XT7 Air Conditioner is a really great option. With over 300 reviews and a 4 star rating it’s also highly recommended.


  1. Quick install – The Frigidaire FRA052XT7 Window Air Conditioner is very easy to install. Many reviewers noted that it took them less than 5 minutes to install.
  2. Cools quickly – This mini air conditioner is made to cool a room very quickly.
  3. Made for smaller places – The FrigidaireFRA052XT7 Air Conditioner is made for small areas because of its 5,000 BTU cooling capacity which can cool rooms that are up to 150 Sq Ft.
  4. Very quiet – The compressor is quiet on the machine and the fan is also very quiet.
  5. Light weight – The Frigidaire FRA052XT7 weights around 40 lbs which makes it easy to install by even the weakest person, while others on the market normally weight at least 50 lbs.
  6. Easy to program – Because its controls are easy to see, they are also super easy to set as well.
  7. 1 year warranty – If you have problems with the Frigidaire FRA052XT7 it has a great warranty for certain problems.
  8. Perfect size for nearly every window – Many people enjoyed the fact that this window air conditioner was able to fit effortlessly into their window and be secured within a few minutes as well. It’s the perfect size for nearly every window imaginable.


  1. Needs digital features – For advanced settings, the Frigidaire 5,000-BTU Mini Air Conditioner would be must better if it had a digital meter and also a digital control.
  2. Short life time – One reviewer said that it lasted a few summers. Its ability to quickly reduce the temperature become harder as the machine got older.

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